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The Best Video Conferencing Software For 2022


While it has a few pricing gotchas compared with some other services, it’s fully capable of scaling from small businesses to large enterprises and everything in between. So, if your priorities are solid support and a near-unlimited capacity for growth, Webex could be the ideal choice. Webex is a feature-rich video conferencing service that lets your business leverage Cisco’s compelling hardware ecosystem—if you have the deep pockets to justify it. Scroll down to learn more things to consider when evaluating video conferencing software for your business. But first, check out a rundown of the video conferencing software that came out ahead in our testing. Free conference calls offer free video conferencing and free web conferencing.

  • This technology allows anyone can join the meeting from any location.
  • They can present ideas and interact over audio and video using online meeting software.
  • Use moderator controls to mute participants, control who can share their screen, and even remove participants when they are no longer required in your discussion.
  • Audio conferencing – Audio-only meetings that are suitable for brief sessions.
  • A noisy conference room is going to turn into a distracting meeting experience.
  • This software is similar to virtual event platforms, and can help with virtual team engagement and facilitating team building activities virtually.

The most important thing for video conferencing is video quality. That goes beyond how the picture looks—the best quality in the world doesn’t matter if people cut out or calls drop constantly. We tested each online meeting app to see how well it performed when the quality of the internet remote meeting apps connection changed. A replacement for Hangouts, Meet is now Google’s key virtual meeting platform. The service is available for personal Gmail accounts as well as Google Workspace business users. Well, Skype has been designed for users and one-o-one chats with basic features.

Best Features

This website allows you to keep up with your family, friends, and colleagues. Join.me is an online tool that you customize your meeting link to whatever you want. The call conference software allows you to take your meetings on the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Adobe Connect has the most secure, flexible, extensible, and feature-rich web conferencing support. It provides virtual classroom solutions for rapid training, which is accessible anywhere, anytime. Zoho Meeting is a web conferencing software that enables you to manage your webinar with ease.

remote meeting apps

Currently, the only way to get the paid version of Microsoft Teams is through bundling with the other Office 365 Essentials. You can opt for thefree version of Microsoft Teams, but it doesn’t work as well as Skype, for example. To get the fully-fledged version of Microsoft Teams with meeting recordings, you need to get all the other Microsoft programs as well. As opposed to Skype or Zoom, you won’t have to hunt down people’s contact information with Meet because chances are, they’re already plugged into your Google contacts list. All you have to do is hit the Hangouts button with one of your contacts and you can begin a conference call.

What Are The Different Types Of Online Meetings?

From the ubiquitous Zoom to less-known Jitsi Meet, these virtual meeting apps are ready for you and your remote team to try. Did we mention that Microsoft Teams supports up to 10,000 people? Needless to say, scaling up shouldn’t be an issue if you choose Microsoft Teams. Some of the video conferencing features you’ll get to reap include background blurring, live captions, call recording, and plenty more to cater to your every need.

Below are the top seven online meeting apps that companies can use. The advent of the internet has completely transformed how people and companies carry out their operations. Businesses and meetings can now be done online,thanks to the introduction of meeting apps. These apps have made coaction easier than ever,and enterprises that need to coordinate with clients all over the globe just need a meeting app. In today’s business world, online conference platforms are more important than ever.

We immediately noted that everyone looks and sounds better on this service . Not everyone can make every meeting—recordings help bridge that gap. Recording a meeting should be as simple as clicking a button in your online meeting software.

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To be specific, TeamViewer has added biometric security to its Remote Control app to maximize security. These new security features are also compatible with FaceID so iOS users will always have easy access without compromising on safety. TeamViewer offers other interesting add-ons, such as the TeamViewer QuickJoin to allow customers to quickly and easily join meetings or presentations without installation or administrator rights. Supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Chrome OS, Android, and iOS, TeamViewer has all your devices covered. Of course, there’s also audio and even video conferencing, as well as text-based chat. Other interesting features, although behind a paywall, include things like the Remote QuickSteps, which adds in one-click shortcuts for the most-used remote support actions.

Global Services

Therefore, choose the right software to help you conduct such online conferences. Some crucial factors you need to include the number of participants the meeting should hold, frequency, the features of virtual meeting platforms, your budget, and the vendor’s reputation. Most people think they can only use this tool to catch up with family and friends.

These 5 best video conferencing apps for virtual meetings will do all you need them to and more. Toasty is a virtual meeting platform that empowers any meeting host to engage their audience and drive collaborations in online meetings and workshops. The app has built-in activities like icebreaker questions, conversation cards and polls. Toasty is built on AWS and Jitsi, which provides for secure, stable and easy-to-access connections.

remote meeting apps

Many teams rely on conference calls to share information, discuss projects or connect with potential clients or current customers. The most simple of the online meeting software options on this list, Talky does not require any downloads. Instead, the site generates a unique room URL, which you share with your team. The only features Talky has are locked rooms and screen sharing, which should be a relief to less technologically-savvy team members.

Do I Need An Account To Use Zoho Meeting?

We then tried each platform to see how user-friendly each was, as well as determine what range of tools and advanced webinar options were available. FreeConference keeps things beautifully simple for users by not requiring any software to be installed. There are mobile apps available, but it is possible to take part in a video conferencing session from just about any device with a web browser installed. You can participant in text or video chats, and use features such as screen and file sharing – but FreeConference is not without its limitations.

This type of software allows users to place calls via an application over the internet, through software downloaded locally to a computer or in their mobile devices. Real-life applications of web conferencing include meetings, training, lectures, or presentations from an internet-connected computer. While there are some limitations, such as the lack of an integrated dial-in audio conference feature, and lack of hardware support with online-only plans. The free version of Skype is a good tool for teams with less than 10 members, and is a simple way to make free conference calls from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Threads is an online meeting tool that acts as a forum for the workplace that works with Mac OS and Windows applications. 10to8 is a versatile appointment booking tool that offers a variety of services. Whether you are a teacher, a manager, or a freelance worker, you can book meetings and appointments efficiently with 10to8. If you are looking for a simple way to set up and manage asynchronous meetings for your team, consider Range. The service provides the tools you need to organize your team meetings, as well as keep all of your important information in one location.

Ringcentral Video

Some, such as Cisco WebEx, are industry standards but can be expensive. Others are growing in popularity and may even be offered free or at a low cost. Here is a list of the top 10 video chat apps for enabling productive online meetings for your hybrid teams, at any price point. Each of these software options works well with the Meeting Owl Pro, and helps hybrid teams feel more connected. If your office is looking for a new web conferencing software, you may not have to break out the company credit card just yet.

First it was the Mobile World Conference, forced to fold as concerns around the COVID-19 spread. Next came Facebook F8 and Adobe Summit, followed by Google’s annual developer conference, Microsoft’s MVP summit, and IBM Think and many many others. Even brands like Facebook, Google, and Salesforce have started asking their employees to work from home before the lockdown. One of the best-rated software for online meetings and webinars. Conduct online meetings and organize webinars from other Zoho apps. With a wealth of camera options on the market for video conferencing, identifying what suits your needs best and is not simply the latest or recently launched model can be challenging.

Wait, Whats Googles Video Conferencing Platform Called?

Plenty of features make this software handy, especially when conducting remote meetings. You can take advantage of secure screens sharing, call recording, real-time chat, private & public discussions, and mobile phone access. Zoom is a popular video conferencing platform that is infamous for being easy to use. You can invite anyone to a Zoom meeting with a URL, even if your attendees do not have a Zoom account. Once team members click on the URL, they will instantly join a virtual room with the rest of the team. Registered users can host meetings with up to 100 people using the free version of Zoom’s software.

Just as it is with real-world offices, the platform allows avatars to communicate in private rooms, decorate their workspaces, brainstorm ideas on a whiteboard, share files, and even play games. Gather fixes this problem by providing https://globalcloudteam.com/ a virtual space for your team to collaborate. This 2D virtual workspace is populated with objects and structures that simulate a real-world office. Here is a list of fun games to play on Zoom, and the top Zoom apps.

If you’re not a loyal Microsoft suite user, then Microsoft Teams wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for you. For some people, that’s like getting a free shake with your burger and french fries. If you already love Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other MS software, then getting Microsoft Teams bundled in there is an awesome bonus. When it comes to performance and features, Zoom is still in a class of its own.

The time limit for the basic plan is only 40 minutes with three or more total participants. A noisy conference room is going to turn into a distracting meeting experience. For sound management, installing acoustic panels can enhance sound quality, eliminate echo and maximize comfort.

Just like a face-to-face meeting, it’s understandable that you may share sensitive information over a video conference, such as business financials or company strategy. So, if you’re using a free videoconferencing software, make sure that whatever option you opt for, it prioritises the security of your data. SavvyCal is an online meeting tool that provides tools and services to help you schedule meetings. The meeting tool allows both managers and team members to schedule meetings in a timely and efficient manner.

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